Who we is, and how we do


MessyHouse is Matt Landin, and vice versa. We (he/I) are (is/am) a full-service production company, with experience in everything from concepting and writing, to shooting and directing, with a specialization in all aspects of post-production.

Though a prehistoric creature with origins unknown, the MessyHouse was officially incorporated in 2008, and has gone on to write, produce, direct, edit, grade, graphic, mix, and master video content in all forms, from feature narratives, to music videos, to a whole plethora of promotional material. MessyHouse specializes in exploiting the rapidly advancing technologies in the industry, both in production and post, to keep things kick-ass while eliminating inefficient costs.

In essence, MessyHouse is your one-stop shop for all awesomeification of video goodness, and frankly, the baddest thing on two wheels.

And yup, my hand is actually on fire in the picture.


Matt Landin